Carsonite Composites invented the marker, created the industry and remains a leading U.S. supplier of visibility and safety marking products for highway, utility, and recreation applications. With decades of experience researching and developing advanced composite technologies, Carsonite offer a family of high-performance markers and accessories that are unparalleled in the industries we serve.

Carsonite was originally founded in Carson City, Nevada in 1977 by a team of engineers who worked with the NASA Space Program. Carsonite originally developed trademark profiles for highway and utility industries. In 1995, Carsonite was then purchased by Omega Pultrusions which was then relocated to South Carolina in 1996 to the existing Coastal Engineered Products plant, owned by Omega. In 2006, Carsonite was acquired by Philips Electronics and was relocated in 2009 to Newberry, South Carolina.

Utility Products Include:

  • Markers – drivable-flexible and surface-mounted styles
  • Test Stations – for a variety of applications
  • Visibility Enhancers – for extreme visibility
  • Signs & Decals – stock and custom decals, reflective sheeting and related products
  • Optiped Cable Splice Vault – for maximum safety and convenience
  • AcoustaWall Sound Barriers – Highly effective, non-conductive fencing systems


























CRM – High Performance Utility Marker
  • Impact resistant, three rail marker
  • The Utility Marker, with its three-rail design, was the first fiberglass composite utility marker in the industry and remains the most widely used fiberglass marker on the market. Two ribs on the side protect decals from vehicle impacts while the back rib adds strength for driving in hard soil conditions.

Options and Accessories:

  •  Stock or Custom Decals, Direct Graphics, Reflective Sheeting, Visibility Enhancer, Anchor Barb.
CTFM – Tuff-Flex Maker
  • Designed for two-sided messages and hard soils
  • This fiberglass composite marker offers all of the benefits of the Dual Sided Marker. With its thickened center rib it remains drivable in virtually any soil condition. Excellent 180-degree visibility.

Options and Accessories:

  • Stock or Custom Decals, Reflective Sheeting, Visibility Enhancer, Anchor Barb.


TS – Carsonite’s Test Stations
  • Easy, terminal access. Available with or without a Carsonite LineMarker Post
  • Carsonite test stations provide test points for monitoring electric currents and potentials. Our test stations, with twist on/off closing feature, allow easy access to talk terminals, alarm terminals, pressure monitors, resistors, gas valves, ground bonds, and surge arrestor terminal blocks. These durable polycarbonate test stations are available in yellow, orange, blue, and red and can be fitted into Carsonite’s 3.5″ O.D. posts.


CLM – Carsonite LineMarker
  • Dome top LineMarker with Visibility Enhancer and T-anchor
  • The Carsonite LineMarker has a 3.5″ diameter post with a 3.75″ diameter domed enhancer for maximum visibility. It’s supplied with a T-anchor for protection against removal by vandals. Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways.


  • Carsonite’s AcoutaShield Non-Conductive Sound Barrier alleviates noise concerns as well as providing safety and security around compressor and regulator stations. The fiberglass wall deters would-be vandals, excludes wildlife and hides unsightly equipment from growing neighborhoods. The non-conductive walls can be filled with absorptive material or our standard walls may be filled with recycled tire rubber for increased noise abatement. The system lets you design non-conductive barriers, including gates, door assemblies and other features to fit your specific needs.

Benefits include:

  • Noise reduction, optional security features, wide variety of RAL colors available, spans up to 18 feet, Graffiti resistant, Low maintenance, will not rust, rot or corrode, lightweight and easily installed with minimal equipment and crew.