Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a pioneer in the development of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR ) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI ) technologies for more than 46 years. Since 1892 Neptune has continually focused on the evolving needs of utilities – revenue optimization, operational efficiencies, and improved customer service. The company offers a fully integrated migration path for its utility customers to meet their needs now and in the future. Neptune Technology offers AMR systems for gas applications. Neptune Technology Group introduced its first Automatic Reading and Billing (ARB®) solution in 1964, Neptune provided the water utility industry the first field automation solution for meter reading.




R900G 2





Handheld Neptune





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R900 Endpoint+


  • Retains existing meter index
  • Field-replaceable battery
  • Field-programmable using infrared (IR )
  • Certified intrinsically safe (Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D) by FM & UL
  • Uses reed switches for volume accumulation
  • D Cell battery pack
  • Standard Neptune 20 Year warranty, 10 years full + 10 year pro-rated
  • Field-proven RF technology (R900v3 water)
  • FCC Part 15.247 – High Power
  • 65mW output power (active project to improve to 100mW – expected mid 2008)
  • Unlicensed 900MHz ISM band
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • Transmits every 14 sec, updates consumption every 15 minutes
  • R F reading plus tamper detection
  • PLUS tamper detection
  • Meter/index removal event
  • Magnetic tamper event
  • Consecutive days of no consumption
  • Reverse flow event
CE 5320B Handheld
  • Manufactured by sister company – DAP Technologies
  • Combines keyed entry, probing and RF in same route
  • I deal for walk-by meter reading
  • 1/4 VGA color touch screen display
  • Uses ARB N Sight Mobile software
  • Windows CE .NET 5.0 based Software
  • Handheld screens are customizable
  • Rugged and reliable handheld computer
  • MI L-STD 810E
  • Environmentally resistant: IP67
  • AMR fully compatible with R900, R300 and electric ERT s
  • Including Itron high power
  • Replaceable long-life lithium ion battery
  • Intelligent fast charge system
  • Work Order Management
  • Bluetooth 2.0


TRX 920 Tablet
  • “Low-cost” mobile data collector
  • Addresses mobile AMR applications for small, low density utilities
  • I deal for rural out-of-route reading
  • Utilizes CE 8640X tablet computer, integrated HHIU , roof-mount antenna, N_Sight Mobile software
  • Multi-Application functionality:
  • Tablet can be removed from vehicle docking station for use as a meter reading handheld/work order handheld


MRX 920 & MTX 950
  • High volume meter reading tool
  • (5,000+ reads/hour)
  • Designed for in-vehicle use
  • AC powered by vehicle power outlet
  • Stores collected meter readings into “rugged” laptop
  • Communications to host software via US B Flash Drive
  • Enhanced Range = Increased Read Success
  • 72 channel receiver
  • Can process 8 meter readings simultaneously
  • Processes over 70 unique meter readings per second
  • Licensed to read R300/Itron ERT s, R300HPs


R900 Hybrid Gateway
  • Second generation
  • Powered through Ethernet connection
  • “Discovers” itself
  • Cisco or Tropos wireless modem
  • Programmable over the network
  • Relays once-an-hour readings
  • Utilizes N_Sight Fixed-base software
  • Mapping, usage graphing, diagnostic tools, customizable reporting
  • Uses same R900G endpoints


R900 GPRS Gateway
  • Second generation
  • Collect, store and manage high value C&I accounts and specialty applications
  • GPRS Modem
  • High gain antenna – improved range
  • Utilizes N_Sight Fixed-base software
  • Mapping, usage graphing, diagnostic tools, customizable reporting
  • Uses same R900G