Founded in in 1986, Mr. Julian Taylor developed the Rupture Pin pressure relief valve. This Rupture Pin valve was used in parallel with the existing pilot operated valves. He used Euler’s Law of Compressed Columns to meet the stringent requirements handed to him. Rupture Pin Technology is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is still owned and operated by Mr. Taylor and enjoys an honored and excellent reputation in the pressure relief and emergency shutoff business. Our customers come to us for solutions to problems with any pressurized system, whether it is relief or shutoff. Over 25,000 valves have been sold through trained independent representatives around the world and have a remarkable 96.4% customer satisfaction rate.



8x10_Model JA_ESV 8x10_Model I-CU_FracValve

8x10_Model I-A_wCage 8x10_Model A_ESV

8x10_Butterfly Valve 5x7_NASA

5x7_Model W_A_1 5x7_Model D_1 

5x7_Model CT_1 5x7_Model C_1

5x7_Model B_1 4x6_Model CM_1

4x6_Model JB_ESV 4x6_Ball Valve_1



  • 2″and 3″ FNPT – 602, 1002 and 1502 fittings.
  • Settings from 500 PSI to 6,000 PSI with 13 set pressure pins (see “Standard Poco Pin Settings” on right)
  • Change settings by changing the pin. The set pressure is shown on the pin label. The 2″ and 3″ valves use the same interchangeable pins.
  • Changeable stainless steel seat and piston are standard.


  • No flow impingement on seat, seal or piston.
  • Reliable settings. +/–5% accuracy of set pressure.
  • Simple, dependable operation. One moving part.
  • Our valve utilizes a proven design principle – Euler’s Law.
  • Reaches full open position in milliseconds at set pressure.
  • Provides a bubble-tight seal with seat washout protection.
  • Fatigue and pulsation are not factors that affect the set pressure of the valve.



Available in 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ female inlet and Outlet with relief settings
from 15 to 2,000 PSI +/– 5%


  • There is (1) pin mounted in the valve and (1) spare pin. Pins are available with same day shipment on week days if ordered before noon Central Time.
  • Steel body, stainless steel trim and bonnet.
  • Viton “O” rings are standard.
  • The valve balances out downstream pressure because the valve stem has the same area as the piston. Thus, downstream pressure does not vary the set point of this valve.


  • The main application is to use in place of rupture disks where you need greater accuracy, reliability and replacement without opening the line.


Model A Buckling Pin
  • Operation: Full Open & Closed
  • 2″ Angle Type ES V
  • 40 – 500 PSI , 2″ NPT, Flanges Optional Flowing pressure acting on the unbalanced stem area puts an axialforce on the pin. At set point, the pin buckles and the valve closes for abubble tight seal. In case of a downstream line break, the mass velocity impinging on the lower piston surface will force the pin to buckle and the valve will seal closed.


  • Only one moving part, has extreme….accuracy and proven reliability…
  • Model J-A
  • 2″ – 6″ Inline Check Valve Type ES V
  • 50 – 1,440 PSI
  • Flowing Pressure Only
  • 150#, 300#, 600# Flanges