Zeck Systems™ is a subsidiary of Sentry Equipment Corp—a global leader of gas, liquid and bulk solids sampling technologies. Each company has a longstanding reputation for delivering engineered solutions that solve the challenges associated with gas processing.

Recognizing that there was a better way to accomplish the task of odorizing, Zeck Systems™ was founded 2003 by Mark Zeck a legend in odorization developed the Z9000 odorizer.It was developed to bring a simple and reliable solution to the industry whereby few moving parts were a key component of the design.



Z9000 Stationary Odorizer

The Z9000 is a feature-rich, complete odorization
package that lets you avoid the operational and functional
complexities associated with other odorizers or the
odorization process.


  • Flow ranges in flow from 0-36 mmscfd per day @ .5lbs per mmscf injection rate. Operating pressures from 20 psig up to 280 psig.
  • Only two moving parts exposed to odorant, keeping maintenance and operation simple
  • Each drop is counted as it falls, allowing precise control of the process utilizing a proprietary optical LED array.
  • No exhaust gas, no smell, and no noise keeps odor issues to a minimum.


Portable Odorization Packages

Zeck offers a simple and portable turnkey odorization
package. The skid is hot dip galvanized and provides
secondary containment. All lines are plumbed and tested.

  • Horizontal Tank – 20 gallon, 350 PSI mercaptan supply tank
  • Galvanized secondary containment vessel
  • Odorant fill and supply connection – 1/2″ Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Vent fill and relief valves – 1/2″ Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Blanket gas connection –
  • 1/2″ Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Becker FD-1 supply gas system with relief valve, filter dryer, pressure regulator, and pressure gauge
  • Swagelok Pressure regulator for actuation gas and blanket gas
  • Check valve for blanket gas to tank
  • 10 Amp 24 VDC power supply to odorizer, Class 1 – Div. 2
  • Pressure regulator and hose for blanket gas connection to Nitrogen tank
  • Mounting skid for odorizer, mercaptan tank, and nitrogen bottle
  • Metal connection hose to customer natural gas line tap
  • ¼” FNPT Genie Filter

Other available options include:

  • Actuation gas and blanket gas panel.
  • Solar power packages
  • System Shelters
  • Charcoal Canisters
  • Communication Packages


Tanks and Containment Systems

Zeck Systems Mercaptan Tank Assemblies and Containment Vessels features:

  • Standard ASME 250 PSI tank
  • Custom ASME tanks up to 500 PSI available
  • Tank volumes from 60 gallons up to 1,000 gallons
  • Odorant fill and supply connection – ½” Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Vent fill and relief valves – ½” Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Blanket gas connection – ½” Swagelok 60 series ball valves
  • Containment vessels are galvanized to withstand years of exposure to outside elements.