Argus Machine Co. LTD, A Reputation for Precision, Quality, Adaptability & Service

Founded in 1958 Argus Machine Co. LTD.  manufactures to exacting standards in our own facilities that include over 100,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing, threading, assembly and test space. We are proud to be licensed to API-Q1 and hold ISO 9001:2008 certification. In addition, our Quality Assurance Program meets or exceeds the requirements of API-Q1, CSA and ABSA, as well as regular audits by CSA, API, ABSA. We also hold multiple licenses and/or agreements with premium thread licensors.


Argus Pigging Valves – Recognized as Best in the Industry

Pigging valves are used extensively on oil and gas pipelines throughout Western Canada and many parts of the United States, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Allowing for bi-directional capabilities and the acceptance of other manufacturer’s pigs, Argus pig ball valves and pigs are available in sizes ranging from 2″ through 16″ (DN50 through DN400) and pressure ratings from 150 through 1500 ANSI.



 Argus Pipeline Pigging Advantages

The Argus pigging valve is engineered and manufactured from the finest materials with advanced equipment and quality craftsmanship. Argus pipeline pigging valves facilitate asset integrity, mitigate corrosion and optimize oil and gas production. Here are a few of our pipeline pigging advantages:

  • Forged three-piece body design and construction is superior to castings
  • Trunnion-mounted ball extends seat life and promotes ease of operation
  • Double block and bleed construction facilitates the launch and receipt of bullet, scraper and spherical pigs
  • Environmentally superior to pigging tees and traps
  • Designed to NACE, low-temp, liquid or gas applications with a standard temperature range of -50ºF to +250ºF (-46ºC to +121ºC)
  • Argus pig valve integrity is assured through A350-LF2 low-temperature forged steel construction, while uncompromised quality is secured under ISO 9001:2008 and API 6D certifications.
  • North American Manufacturing and raw materials sourcing.


Automatic Pig Launchers – Innovation & Efficiency

While pipeline pigs are effective in cleaning and maintaining pipelines, access to well sites, as well as the man-hours and resources required for the pigging process often present challenges to oil and gas companies.

At Argus, we understand the importance of pipeline pigging along with the associated challenges. Always striving to lead the industry in the development of oilfield products, we set out to develop a faster, more efficient remote pipeline pigging system.

Our automatic pig launcher, which allows for the loading of multiple pigs at one time, will positively impact your operations. Watch video now.

The innovative design of the Argus multi-pig launcher incorporates our quality pipeline pig valves and a programmable timer. In addition to reducing downtime and hydrocarbon emissions, here are several other advantages of our automatic pig launchers:

  • Avoid land owner issues through minimized well site access
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Reduce overall operational and logistical costs, as well as those associated with winter access-only sites
  • Improve field safety thanks to unmanned operation and reduced exposure to pipeline media
  • Significantly reduced weight and footprint makes our automatic pig launcher ideal for offshore applications
  • Specifications of our Remote Pipeline Pigging Systems
  • A350-LF2 low temperature forged steel construction
  • ISO 9001:2008 and API 6D certifications
  • Sizes ranging from 2″ through 12″ (DN50 through DN300)
  • Pressure ratings 150 through 1500 ANSI
  • Site access, weather and costs can impact your ability to launch pipeline pigs. Argus remote pipeline pigging systems and automatic pig launchers help to minimize these effects. View product specifications or contact us to learn more about our innovative pigging systems.


Pipeline Pigs – Optimize Your Flow Lines

Pigging is a critical process in maintaining and optimizing pipelines. Selecting the best pipeline pigs determines the effectiveness of your efforts. Argus cup and disc pigs are ideal for scraping and filming in oil and gas pipeline pigging applications.

Our urethane pipeline pigs are available in sizes from 2″ through 12″ (50 through 305 mm), in 60, 70, 80 or 90 durometer.


Argus Pressure Pilot – The Latest in Pressure Sensing Ability.

The Argus pilot incorporates the pressure sensing capsule that is used in the Argus pressure switch.

Designed for the toughest service conditions it conforms to NACE MR01 75 and low temperature ratings of -50°F to +250°F. Optimum pressure range of 20 to 5,000 psi is achieved by independent high and low springs, which provide easily adjustable set points.

The 2 inch NPT male process connection provides a rugged instrument that is fit for purpose in the oil fields around the globe.

Pressure Switches – Your First Line of Defense

Pressure switches are your first line of defense at oil well sites. As a safety device for effective on/off well control, your pressure switches must be extremely durable and reliable.

Argus pressure switches are designed in accordance with NACE International, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) standards.

We were also the first in the industry to meet the Dual Seal certification compliance in 2007.

Protect Your Flow Line and Your Well – Pressure Switches that Set the Standard

At Argus, we manufacture products with the finest materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our oil well pressure switches are comprised of:

  • A350-LF2 steel process housing
  • 6061-T6 aluminum electrical housing
  • Inconel® pressure diaphragms to withstand corrosive applications
  • Fluorosilicone seals
  • Tested to more than one million cycles, you can expect Argus pressure switches to operate flawlessly for years.
  • Argus Pressure Switches – Features and Benefits
  • Sealed pressure sensing capsule
  • Field replaceable micro-switch
  • Externally adjustable set point
  • Accurately repeats within +/- 1%
  • Automatic and manual reset
  • Nema 4 and 7 enclosure
  • Optional vibration lock
  • CSA approved class I div.1 and 2 Group D for hazardous locations
  • Pressure rated from 20 to 5000 PSI
  • Process temperature rated from -50ºF to 600ºF (-46ºC to 315ºC)
  • Switch housing temperature rated from -50ºF to 185ºF (-46ºC to 85ºC)



































We are proud to have developed the next generation of pressure switches for oil and gas wells. View our Product Catalogue or contact us for more information.