Elster Instromet has been a leader in the measurement and control of natural gas since the very beginnings of the industry. Today, we continue to fulfill that role as part of Elster Gas North America. This global organization brings the latest technology and best practices from leading European and American manufactures of gas measurement and control equipment to markets around the world.


Elster_Q.Sonic 3-pathElster_Q.Sonic 5-path



Ultrasonic Meter


  • Available in 4″ – 36″ sizes, all pressure ratings
  • No pressure drop
  • Wide rangability/turn down ratio from 50:1 to100:1
  • Bi-directional flow
  • No moving parts
  • Very low cost ownership (maintenance)
  • Insensitive to contamination
  • Interfaces with major flow computer manufacturing
  • Transducer exchange without recalibration


  • AGA Custody transfer measurement
  • Underground (natural) gas storage
  • Gas compressor control
  • Gas processing plants
  • Measurement and regulation stations
  • In-plant metering
  • Power plants
  • Check meter for conventional custody transfer meter
  • LNG


Q Sonic-Plus
  • 6 – Path (4 swirl + 2 axial)
  • Sizes 3″ to 56″
  • ANSI Class #150 to #900
  • 3D Length (>4″, up to #600)
  • Build-in Pressure + Temperature Sensor (Option)
  • Modular Electronics
  • Full Graphic touch screen
  • MID approved by NM i (Cl. 1) acc. To OIM L R137-1:2006
  • ATE X / IEC -Ex approved FM / CS A approval pending